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Submission Guidelines

Our imprint is based on a traditional model and we will accept agented and non-agented proposals.

              We will be opening our submission doors soon,
so keep an eye on this page.  

Please submit the following to have your work considered by our editor:

Email your submission (we accept attachments- WORD only- no PDFs)
and send to info {at} attention Rachel.


1. Query letter or Proposal including your name, address, phone number, working title, and an email address with a short bio and don't forget your word count! 
2. A one page Outline or Synopsis
3. Sample Chapters- The first two chapters ( no longer than 25 pages OR send us your best chapter and knock us out with it!).
( For Non-fiction please send a paragraph about your project and include an outline and sample chapter)

Wherever possible we follow Noah Lukeman’s criteria of the First Five Pages. If you haven't read it yet, then we highly recommend that you do. ( We are not an affiliate and receive no monetary reimbursement) 
The strength of your first five pages helps us decide whether we want to see the whole manuscript- so make them count!


How to get the right Equation

Great Pacing + Progression   


Solid Tone + Snappy Dialogue


Good choices between Showing + Telling 

Interesting Viewpoint + Narration 

Engaging characters + Engrossing plot 

Equal balance between Description + Setting

All submissions will receive a reply in approximately 2-4 months but could be longer if we have a backlog of work. If you haven't received a reply after that time then please send us a "checking in" email. Your submission must be pristine and print ready copy. No typos! 

Please let us know if this is a simultaneous submission.

We may, on occasion, have time to give feedback, but please don’t expect it. Please don’t send us illustrations or call asking about a submission. We don’t accept submissions by snail mail.

What do we want?

Fiction: Psychological Thrillers, Mysteries, Horror, Historical, Detective and Crime , Adventure, Young Adult, & Gothic, Apocalyptic/Dystopian Science Fiction, Pandemic Fiction

Non-Fiction: Biography, Social Issues, True Crime,  Animals/Nature/Pets, History, Poetry, Memoir 

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