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Equation is an imprint of Absolute Value  Publications. AVP is Canada's top Math workbook publisher. Their mission is to engage youth by providing the best Math Books in Canada for High Schools available for students, teachers, and tutors.  IWriteMath Physical Workbooks, Digital platforms and Apps for Teachers and Students are all available from their website. Absolute Value Publications is adding to its long standing success as a publisher by launching Equation, a new traditional publishing imprint in North America.  

Equation follows the traditional publishing model and produces paperback, hardback , and Digital e-books. We are looking for strong authors to make our list stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Who we are: 
Acquisitions Editor: Rachel Sentes has been a writer, bookseller, editor, agent, and publicist for over 30 years. She has worked extensively as a developmental editor and has worked with hundreds of authors through her company Gal-Friday Publicity. She has also been known to hang out with the odd celebrity or two in what she likes to call her second home of Los Angeles. In her spare time she can be found huddled up in a cozy blanket with a cup of tea either watching horror movies, or listening to her dog snore.

The Publishers:
Greg Ranieri has 27 years of teaching students mathematics across three major school boards. He is an author in mathematics, most recently with Absolute Value Publications. He has been a Consultant in interactive technologies for teaching for 15 years and has a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. 

Alan Appleby taught mathematics for 38 years in Scotland and in Canada, at all levels from Grade 7 to Advanced Placement Calculus. He received the Excellence in Teaching Award from the province of Alberta.   He is co-author of a series of mathematics workbooks and has experience in writing questions for regional examinations.
Now retired from teaching, he continues to write for Absolute Value Publications.

Robert Letal is University of Calgary graduate who taught in Alberta schools for 28 years.  With two other educators he formed Absolute Value Publishing Company where he managed the day to day operations selling mathematical workbooks to schools throughout North America and to some as far away as China, and Germany.  

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